Measuring Home Railings

Measuring home railings

Railings are typically affixed to the wall / pillars / posts using L-shaped fixing hinges, so the measuring process is fairly straightforward: simply measure the width between. Take width measurements from the base and the top, in case the brickwork isn’t quite straight. We’ll take into account the space needed for the hinges.

Regarding height, while railings can be made to most height specifications, we would suggest that they don’t stand above the walls or pillars. You should also factor in a 50mm gap between the wall and the underside of the railing, and be aware of any overhanging structures or capstones that may prove obstructive. 

Made to measure railings over two metres in length are manufactured in more than one section that bolt together to form one railing. Where they join, a support leg is attached to a bolt down footplate to provide support. Off-the-shelf panels are 1.8m long but can be joined using a bolt down railing post.

If you need a further assistance regarding the railings measurement please contact our team on 020 3856 8550