Bespoke Metal Works

We are always delighted to assist our business Clients in designing, and fabricating any metalwork whatsoever they might require, whether this comprises just simple gates and railings, or highly complex structural products.We are also pleased to install any metal works we fabricate on site.

We welcome our Clients to advise us of their latest project and its requirements, and where we are pleased to fabricate all required metal work.

We usually arrange an initial discussion for our Client’s with our in-house designer, whom will discuss design options and costings, and whom can then, where necessary,  facilitate a site visit to obtain accurate measurements, which can then be incorporated into CAD designs.  

When the Client is pleased with the final designs and specifications, annotated with all measurements taken from the site, our welding team can then fabricate the necessary metalwork in our workshop, and our Clients are even welcome to see their work being created.

We are privileged to possess a fabrication team comprising professional welders, with decades of experience, and whom can utilise both traditional techniques, as well as the most modern equipment and facilities, to create an entire spectrum of metalwork for our business Clients, whom range from interior designers, architects, and construction firms, to international corporations .

Whatever the metalwork required, whether it comprises gates and railings, a balcony, or an entire multi-level staircase, we have the ultimate competency and capability to deliver a magnificent finished result, and in a range of materials from including mild steel, stainless steel or wrought iron.

Big Ferro Limited seeks to blend the standards of a bygone age, both in terms of quality, finish, and customer service with modern technology, to provide a perfect synergy for our Clients, to whom we aim to provide a smooth, trouble-free Client experience.

Please feel free to contact our Team on 0208 964 2857 for further information, or alternatively email