A metal staircase is a fantastic option if you’re trying to add something fashionable to your house. Traditional wood staircases lack some of the durability, adjustability, and affordability that metal staircases offer. 

They are a popular option for architects and designers since they complement any architectural style. So how should one go about buying a steel staircase, and where might you find one? What are the advantages and reasons to chose bespoke Metal staircase ? Let’s examine more closely what makes a metal stairway a worthwhile investment.


A steel staircase is a terrific addition to your home for a number of reasons:

* Steel is significantly simpler to install than wood because of its flexibility. This makes it possible to create staircases that meet any requirements. Steel stairs are less expensive to install due to their flexibility and simplicity of construction. 

This will help you save money while increasing the value of your house. Steel is extremely resilient and unaffected by pests. It is coated to avoid rust or corrosion and has a greater weight capacity than wood. 

Steel requires very little maintenance and will remain beautiful for a very long time without needing to be stained, varnished, or sealed.


If you decide to have your steel staircase completely customised, you can have it constructed to your exact specifications. The staircase will be constructed according to your precise specifications at every stage of the procedure, from initial design to manufacture and installation. The type of material utilised, the size of the components, the design of the stairway, and the width and height of the steps are all examples of this. Additionally, you can combine steel with any other materials, such as glass, wood, stone, and more. The metal staircase you choose will ultimately have the style and feel in your house that you desire by using bespoke services.


A metal fabrication is the best place and obviously if you are in the South east of England I would suggest to contact us at Big Ferro Limited. 

We are fabricators of high quality, extensive knowledge and experience to create bespoke metal furniture, balconies, metal gates  and staircases exactly to your specifications. For superior quality control, choose a metal fabrication company that can handle all aspects of design, construction, and installation. This way, you can be certain that you are purchasing a high-quality product.


Big Ferro with has been providing a variety of high-quality metalworking services to a variety of commercial clients. From metal staircases to balustrades and more, we take pride in our high-quality work and our clients’ continued trust. 

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