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Our pedestrian/garden gates are designed to restrict the entrance of people on foot to your business or private property and are a popular choice for peace of mind in both a private or commercial setting. Big Ferro produces a wide range of pedestrian gates available, from short gates designed for private use to more complicated set-ups designed for businesses and larger estates which encompass a hybrid of both pedestrian and vehicle gate security.

Available to order in 20 unique designs handcrafted by our talented Italian artisans in North London workshop. 

We include with your garden gate:

  •     2 gate hinges (positioned 150mm from the top of the top edge of the gate and 150mm from the bottom of the gate as standard – please give us a call if you need anything different)
  •      Hinge pins
  •      Closing receiver and opening latch

If you need metal gate posts for your garden gate:

Our metal gate posts are 50mm by 50mm. They will arrive cut to size to match your gate, including an allowance for the posts to sit 450mm into the ground – please give us a call if you need a different depth.

Why choose Big Ferro:

  •         Premium frames, high quality and durable
  •         Smooth welds
  •         Necessary additions such as adjustable hinges and opening latch included
  •         20 years of metalworks craftsmanship experience
  •         Delivery to your door

    Please contact us if you need a specific size on design and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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