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WHY A STEEL STAIRCASE A metal staircase is a fantastic option if you're trying to add something fashionable to your house. Traditional wood staircases lack some of the durability, adjustability, and affordability that metal staircases offer.  They are a popular option for architects and designers since they complement any architectural style. So how

Our latest spiral staircase creation in London

By |2021-05-13T09:45:30+01:00May 17th, 2018|Staircases & Balustrades|

We are just completing a beautiful bespoke spiral staircase in our London workshop. The entire staircase was welded and fabricated by hand by our highly skilled team to give the superb finish. We are really delighted by the wonderful outcome and we are planning to install next week.

Big Ferro for Westminster Abbey

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Last February, Big Ferro had the great honour to be a part of something special. On the occasion of the upcoming opening of the brand new Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries, running 70 ft above the Abbey floor, right under the lace-like intricacies of Westminster Abbey's ceilings, our team of master welders has fabricated the

Bespoke Design Stair Balustrade In Mayfair

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We created this bespoke exclusively designed staircase balustrade for a luxury townhouse in Mayfair. The design brief was to blend an exciting modern concept with traditional workmanship, and as a result we have created, fabricated and installed this design which we believe combines a sense of luxury and innovation but whilst still keeping with